Relocate and Expand the Liberty Lake Park & Ride

Target Completion Year:


Service Areas:

Downtown Spokane, Valley, Liberty Lake

Estimated Impact:


New Rides Annually


The existing Liberty Lake Park and Ride is often overflowing as there are not enough parking spaces to accommodate demand. A new park and ride with more than 300 parking spaces will be built to replace the existing park and ride and support transit network enhancements that will allow more customers to access transit service.


I-90/Valley Corridor

Planning for High Performance Transit Investments

Interstate 90 between downtown Spokane and Spokane Valley is one of the most congested corridors in eastern Washington. Tens of thousands of daily commuters travel on highway between Coeur d'Alene and Spokane to access jobs, education services and recreation. As part of the STA Moving Forward plan, Spokane Transit is preparing to deliver new service and infrastructure to give people choices. This will include increased night and weekend service and increased parking capacity for commuters for those choosing vanpool or bus to complete their commute. We are interested in your input as we launch the planning phase for these new investments that are scheduled to be implemented in the coming years.


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